Digital Bootcamp

Digital Missionary

Digital Bootcamp is a Facebook Group designed to help ministers learn and gain a knowledge of all things digital and how it can help your ministry.

Where this group is unique from other Church Communications and Social Media groups is that this group is specifically designed for everyday ministers. Whether you are a Student, Children or Family minister this is the perfect group for you. Even if you are a Campus Pastor, Associate Pastor or Worship minister this is your group. As long as you have a desire to learn new digital tools so that you can expand your reach and help more people come to know Christ as their savior, this is the group for you.

How it Works:

Each week a Contributor will cover a different topic on Digital Bootcamp. For instance, the week of November 5th, the theme could be “Facebook Events”. Every discussion that a contributor leads throughout the week will be how ministers can create and utilize “Facebook Events” more effectively in their ministries.

Another example might be for the week of December 17th. The focus could be “Various Ways to Utilize Live Streaming”. Throughout the week all discussions would center around live streaming apps, services and how churches can utilize live streaming applications more effectively.

There could be times where we get off topic, but these weekly themes will help people know what to expect and it will help keep the group focused.

Organizing the discussions around weekly themes will be a way for the group to stay focused and clear on the digital learning for the week.

Does that mean that people can’t ask questions about other digital topics? By no means! You can ask questions about all things digital and we will do our best to answer any and all questions. However, it will best help conversations by trying to stay on topic for the week.

Past Highlights:


If you have a topic that you would like to be discussed, message Tom on Facebook or email him.