Ministry can be a very lonely job, especially working at a smaller Church with limited resources.  Since 1997, Tom Pounder (founder of YM Sidekick) has been working in Student and Online Ministry so he understands what it takes to be effective in ministry, especially in this online world we live in today.

YM Sidekick offers a variety of options for Coaching and Consulting to Student, Online and Social Media Minsters. You can:

  1. Ask a Question: Have a question or want to process something, give Tom a call or set up an online meeting with him.  They are 15 minutes and FREE!
  2. Sign up for a Sidekick Coaching Program: The Sidekick Coaching Program partners with ministers in order to help them be more effective in reaching people for Christ in an online world.
  3. Sign up for a some Consultation: With over 19 years of ministry experience, Tom can help you process your strategic plan to help you improve your overall ministry success.

Where do you begin? Book Tom below (“book now”) for a free 15 minute conversation to see what plan works best for you. Or, you can simply email Tom Pounder directly.

Other Resources

We have a variety of Resources we want to point you to that will help you do your ministry more effectively.


The Twitter Advantage eBook. Some churches are giving up on Twitter and that’s a mistake. This platform has unique advantages over other social platforms and can be leveraged to bring people from your community through your church’s front door. Discover how Twitter can be one of the most effective tools in your communications tool box. Get your FREE ebook here.



Digital Bootcamp is a Facebook Group where Digital Strategist share online tips and tools that will help any and all minister use digital tools to reach more people for Christ. This group is perfect for ministers who are looking to improve their social media and content creation skills so that they can help their ministries be more effective in this online world.


The Sidekick Scoop is a weekly email compiled of great ministry content from around the ministry world that will help you grow as a leader and grow your ministry. Each week features podcasts and blogs from Student and Online ministries as well as Leadership posts. Sign up today.


Coming Soon! More resources, including a NEW eBook from YM Sidekick to help your student ministry is coming in early 2018. Stay tuned.