Orange Week: Best Speaker from OC12

Each year Orange spares no expense (at least I don’t think they spare an expense) at bringing in the best speakers from around the Ministry world to encourage and inspire the Family Ministry leaders.  Of both the years I have been to the Orange Conference, the main session speakers have really done of great job of identifying with the attenders and inspiriting them to be better ministers.

Last year we had 5 really good main sessions speakers.  They were Doug Fields, Andy Stanley, Kara Powell, Reggie Joiner and Craig Groeschel.  Each speaker spoke to me in a different way.

  • Doug Fields ministered to me by encouraging us all to keep our focus on God and eliminate the things that blind us from that focus
  • Kara Powell inspired me by talking about intergenerational ministry.
  • Andy Stanley challenged us all to be a servant leaders.
  • Craig Groeschel reminded me of our mission. We are called by God to release single-minded, Christ-centered, Biblically-anchored, world-changers.  This is our calling!
  • Reggie Joyner reminded us that we are going to get messy.  Life is messy so ministry is going to be messy too.

Reviewing my notes, there are so many good things to say about the speakers from last year that I figured I’d give you the links to each of the main event talks from last year to see what you are in store for if you sign up for Orange ’13

I get pumped and inspired just rereading those notes.  Did you go last year?  TAKE A MINUTE right now and post how last years speakers challenged and inspired you.

I can’t wait to hear who Orange brings in this year because I know I will leave inspired and challenged.  If you have never been, you need to sign up.  You won’t regret it.  Sign ups begin Sept. 27th!  I hope to see you there.

Tom Pounder

A father of 4, Tom is the Online Campus Pastor as well as Social Media Director at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA. He blogs, vlogs, periscopes and podcasts regularly about student and online ministry stuff. Check out his work at and on iTunes (search YMSidekick).

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