Why ReThink Leadership is the perfect intro to Orange for your Pastor

The Orange Conference has been around for years and is known all around the world as the premier Family Ministry conference each year. Thousands of people from all over the world come together to learn how to bring families and the church together. And, what reThink has done a really good job with was encouraging family ministry teams to bring a Senior Pastor to the conference along with them so that they could fully understand how family ministry works.

reThink Leadership
Specifically designed for Senior and Campus Pastors, reThink Leadership is the perfect opportunity for them to experience Orange.

However, no matter how much reThink tries, some Senior, Executive or Campus Pastors just won’t come to Orange.  It’ll always be known as a “Family Ministry” conference and has no application to them.

This is unfortunate because the Orange philosophy is not just a curriculum but a philosophy of bringing the church and families together.  It is a game-changer for churches in how it does ministry.

But this year Orange is doing something called ReThink Leadership that can be huge for not just reaching Senior and Campus Pastors but also be a great introduction to what is Orange and how it can impact your ministry to families.

Here is why ReThink Leadership can help your Pastor get great exposure to Orange:

  1. Great speakers. The reThink group is brining in GREAT speakers to talk to Senior and Campus Pastors specifically!  Leaders such as Andy Stanley, Carey Nieuwhof, Kara Powell, Reggie Joiner and Jon Acuff – just to name a few will all be there.  These are well respected leaders of Churches and ministries that every and any Pastor would LOVE to hear from. You can learn more about the speakers here.
  2. Great Format.  Where the Orange Conference and breakouts are filled with tons of student, children and family ministry people (and very few Senior Pastors), this gathering will be exclusively for Pastors to meet up, discuss and process new ideas together.  And the environment leads itself to this as the talks will be in TED style format to Pastors at tables that will yield great opportunities for discussion and networking.
  3. Get to be apart of Orange General Sessions. To be with other Pastors will be great for your Pastor. But to be able to experience the general sessions together with 6,000 student, children and family ministers will be amazing and will give them great exposure to what Orange is all about and how you church can benefit from combining families and the church together to create Orange!

When you combine these 3 elements together your Senior/Campus Pastor will get to experience Orange in a way they will learn from and appreciate best.  That is why the reThink Leadership is the perfect opportunity for them to get a taste and introduction to Orange.

Learn more about reThink Leadership here but sign up soon! Space is very limited

What about you? Are your Pastor(s) coming to reThink Leadership? Is this an option for them or are they coming to Orange regardless? Share your experiences below or on social media using #ymsidekick to share.

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