Remembering the Ultimate Sacrifice

Today is Memorial Day in America. It is the day we remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. It is the ultimate sacrifice of love as stated in John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” These brave men and women gave their lives up for the freedom of others. That is an amazing sacrifice.

sacrifice So today, and everyday actually, take time to remember those who gave their lives for your country (whether it is America or not). Maybe it was a relative or other close family friend who gave up their life for us. Or maybe it was someone else you know of. Honor them to day by remembering them and the life they lived.

If you didn’t have someone you knew that made a sacrifice like these that we honor on Memorial Day, you can also take time today to remember those who make personal sacrifices for you each and every day as well. This could be a mentor or parent or other family member. Honor them today for their sacrifices they make for you.

As I reflect on this day, what stands out to me is that as much as I would like to think that people all the time would make sacrifices for us by being on the front line of enemy forces, it doesn’t happen all the time. It takes a special person to enter into the military and to put their life at risk for others. And because of that we owe them extra gratitude and for those who died serving, we need to honor them and remember them for the sacrifice they made. Today is the perfect day to remember and honor them.

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So what about you? Is there someone you are remembering on this day who made a sacrifice for you? Share below or use Twitter to share by using @tapounder when you tweet.

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Tom Pounder

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