“Creativity and the Small Church” Notes

Mike Owens lead this session on creativity in the small Churches. These are the notes from the session.

creativityThe box is the enemy.

Thinking inside the box is the enemy.

  • Destroy the box. It’s restrictive. Unfortunately we like living in the box.

When you are inside the box you are blind.

Vision is stifled in the box.

The box is average because it is limited. Average is an enemy of greatness.

Our God is not average. He is great. He called you to create experiences with Him.

God has created you with Himself, the very life is creativity is inside you.

Everything about God is creative.

God is the DESTROYER of boxes, the creator of a creative creation.

The problem is every Church does the exact same thing. We need to think outside the box.

Exodus 31:1-6

  • God will fill you with Himself to birth creativity in you.
  • His presence creates creativity
  • God will appoint a team around you to help you produce creativity.
  • There is a grace on the TEAM (together everyone achieves miracles). The power of operating as one voice is the beginning of creativity

Allow your mind to open your creativity


  1. You must be passionate about reaching people. Passion is contagious and will attract the right people. It is the fuel that leads you to success.
  2. You must cast vision. It must be more than “we are going to reach people”. What is the strategy you will use to reach more people? Vision inspires people to follow
  3. You must create a winning and relevant atmosphere. Grab their attention when they walk into your service. What kind of atmosphere are you creating as soon as they walk in? Develops theme for your ministry or series and develop around that.
  4. Develop a creative or arts ministry department. Involvement equals commitment.
  5. Challenge people to witness.
  6. Get people involved in the creative process
  7. Develop a leadership team
  8. Create a winning creative marketing recruitment campaign. Make it cool and inviting to serve. Make it appealing. Get out of the box.

Ten Hindrances to Creativity

  1. Being average
  2. Only spirit of fear
  3. Not dreaming big
  4. Negative people
  5. Failure to plan
  6. Lack of fait. No faith no power
  7. Proud people
  8. Limiting your thinking to a budget
  9. The wrong atmosphere for planning. Plan away from the Church
  10. Being stuck in the past

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