“Leading your team to go Further Faster” Notes

These are notes from Andrew Karuchit’s Orange Conference Breakout Session, “Leading your team to go further faster (church size under 250)”

Make leadership development a TEAM sport:


It starts with an INVITATION

  • There is no strategy better than the personal ask.
  • You can never stop identifying leaders.
  • Jesus didn’t have sign up sheets. He asked them.
  • Sign up sheets and emails lack realness. Let people know they are valued, meet with them.
  • INVEST in them:

team Invest Financially. Buy books for them, have them listen to podcasts and conferences.

Invest Spiritually. Pray for them. Remind them that they have value. Help them get to Church regularly.

Invest Relationally. Schedule regular time with them. Lunch, coffee, do something together.

Invest Physically.

Don’t become so task driven that you lose focus of investing in your leaders relationally.

If people don’t know you care about them, they won’t stick around.

Are there 3 leaders you can specifically invest in?

Give your leaders a chance to develop. Let them lead.

To go further faster you need to DEFINE THE WIN.

  • What does a win look like for your church?
  • Have you identified your why?
  • What is your target?

Take the time to lay out the why and the how.

Leaders should be asking…

  • What are we aiming at? What’s the target?
  • Why is that our target? Name the bullseye
  • How do we know when we hit it?


  • Involve the team in creating the future
  • Followers need instructions, leaders need guidelines
  • Churches need owners, not renters
  • Allow team members to flourish in their gifts
  • Create a team that can help you dream big

“People will support a world they help create.” – Dale Carnegie


Compelling vision starts with the why

Make the vision measurable

Create a culture of change for the vision

Clarity keeps the vision sticky


“What do I (as a leader) need to do to assure that we have a compelling vision as an organization, and what must I do to make sure it doesn’t leak?” – Andy Stanley

  • Vision leaks due to success, failure, life
  • Being programmed-driven can be an enemy of clear vision
  • Focus on why the vision matters
  • Vision keeps us focus on what is vital


  • Use the vision as a filter
  • Vision casting must be repetitious
  • Be willing to say no to good idea that do not line up with the vision you’ve set forth
  • Constant change wears everyone out!

So what can you do?

REFOCUS the idea

REALIGN – Bring your people back to the table

RETHINK the plan and execution



  • Celebrate the wins create an infectious culture
  • Find the good in tough situations
  • Start every meeting with WINS
  • Wins create a spark and help reinforce vision

The key to growth is INVESTMENT in your team!


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