“Discovering what Volunteers really want – Middle School” Notes

Ashley Bohinc lead this session. You can get in touch with her on Twitter: @ashleybohinc.


Write down what do middle school volunteers really want.

You shouldn’t ask them what they really want. When you ask volunteers what they really want, you aren’t going to be able to meet all their needs. Every leader is different.

4 Things they want:

  1. They want to follow a great leader. They are still learning and want to understand. They want someone who is an OWNER not a RENTER. Own your ministry. Ask people and have conversations to make the ministry better.
  2. middle school They want to serve in a place that fits. There is a difference between the right place vs.a place. Start the conversation with what excites them. They need to find the right place for them…not a place. Help them find the right place.
  3. They want meaningful training. Meaningless training is talking about a scenario that will never happen in your ministry. Have something significant to cover in your meetings. Leaders want confidence to talk to middle school students. Connect the meaning of your training to the leaders.
  4. They want authentic community. There is a big difference between authentic community and surface relationships. You will retain leaders when you establish authentic community. “Moment of Impact” time where you share about impactful times in ministry the past week. It helps them remember why they are doing what they are doing.

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