How to get Volunteer Leaders More Engaged

Volunteer leader engagement is critical success to your as a minister. Whether you are a big church or smaller one, the more your volunteers are engaged in the ministry the greater chase they feel apart of the leadership group and the greater the chance that the people you are ministering to will have someone they connect with.

So how do you get your volunteers more engaged?

  1. Ask them for input. They are apart of your team, let them feel apart of it when you ask them for their input. Collect their thoughts after an event or small group meeting as they are another set of eyes that can help you see and evaluate something you may have missed. They see things from a different perspective so get their input. So ask their input and when they give it to you, use it. You don’t have to use all of it but use some of it so that they feel like you value and appreciate their input.
  2. Let them be part of the design and planning process. Every volunteer will be different however one thing is true, they have ideas and they want to help. Maybe helping with the design and planning of events or curriculum is something they are wired for. This could be a great way for them to contribute so ask your volunteers to be apart of it. Some of them will take you up on your offer and it will not only help them out, but it will help you out as well.
  3. Create an authentic community. Any person can be apart of a leadership team, but not every leadership team has an authentic community. That is why the more you, as the head of the team, can create an environment and atmosphere for your team that is authentic and real, the more your team is going to want to be apart of it. The more you can treat them like you really do care about them (and hopefully you DO care for them), the more they are going to want to stay and never leave.
  4. Give them opportunities to do more. When they signed on to help in the ministry they and you probably had an idea where they can bear serve. However, just because they start their doesn’t mean they have to stay their. Constantly be challenging the leaders to take next steps in their leadership development. Maybe it is leading a game or giving a message or doing something else entirely. Whatever it is do not limit your volunteers to just x, y, or z. Have a vision for themselves that is bigger than what they initially signed up for and open up the possibilities for them to do more.
  5. Find out what they are passionate about and let them serve in that capacity. I used to have an idea of the ideal leader. All of my leaders were going to be “this” particularly kind of leader because that is how they will be most effective. However, over time, I realized that not everyone is designed for “my” vision for them. They are uniquely designed and created with a particular skill set that they want and need to use to feel effective. Instead of trying to fit them into your “ideal role”, shift your role around who they are so that they can be most effective. The more they feel that they are using their gifts, the more likely they feel that they are contributing and want to stay engaged in your ministry long term. Unless they are using their passions and gifts it doesn’t matter how great your “idea” for them is, they won’t stay engaged for long.


These are 5 very simple action steps you can take that will help your volunteer leaders feel more engaged in the ministry. Everyone who serves, yourself included, wants to feel included, engaged and apart of something bigger than themselves. When you do these things you will create a community with your volunteers that can leave a legacy that will last for eternity…not just for people you are ministering to but for the volunteer leaders who are serving alongside of you.

What about you? How have you gotten your volunteer leaders moreĀ engagedĀ in ministry? Share your thoughts and ideas below or on social media using #ymsidekick when you share.

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Tom Pounder

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