The Orange Conference ’18 Recap

Whoa! I’m still in recovery mode from Orange ’17 as it was an amazing 3 days. This year it seemed like every session I went to was flat out amazing where I learned a ton.

So, as I process still, here are some blog posts of the sessions I went to as well as some others from around Orange. Also, here are some quotes that I heard that stood out to me:

YM Sidekick Orange Blog Posts

recapOther Orange Blogs:

Quotes (just some of the many great things said):

  • “We is greater than I.” – Doug Fields
  • “When kids need help they don’t turn to an organization they turn to someone.” – Josh Shipp
  • “Truth is real but it is not the same as perspective.” – Kristen Ivy
  • “If we are not giving them Jesus they have no foundation at all.” – Jen Hatmaker
  • “Instead of focusing on numbers, what if we focused on actual names of actual people.” – Kara Powell
  • We can’t outdo as leaders, what parents are doing at home. That’s why it’s so important when we realize we are better together.” – Kara Powell
  • “The power is keeping my eyes on Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of life and He leads us through the valley.” – Louie Giglio
  • “The found person has an anchor for their storm.Following Jesus doesn’t mean you don’t have storms. It just means you have an anchor in the storm.” – Ryan Leak
  • “Everybody needs a few people they can open up to and be vulnerable with.” – Dr. John Townsend
  • “Preachers inform. Mentors transform. Sponsors platform.” – Sam Collier
  • “This can’t be won on social media, it has to be won in relationships.” – Reggie Joiner
  • “A parent is not the only influence a child needs.” – Reggie Joiner

What about you? What stood out to you from the Orange Conference? Share them and your experiences below or on social media use my twitter handle @tapounder when you share. 

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